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Jayvon Rymer

My name is Jayvon Rymer. I am currently a freelance Sound Designer for Games, Animations and Film in Los Angeles. I graduated from Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA), with bachelors degrees in Electronic Production & Design and Music Production & Engineering in 2012. After graduation I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my career in Sound for Video Games and Animations/Films. Please feel free to check out my portfolio and follow me in my social media pages to keep up to-date on what I'm working on.



- Space Pirate Captain Harlock [Toei Animations] (a)
Temp Sound Designer
- The West Files [prod. Briana Hansen] (f)
Sound Designer | Sound Editor
- Got Milk?: Heroes Amongst Us [dir. Pavan Ojha] (f)
Sound Designer | Sound Editor
- The Other Client List (10 Episodes) [prod. Briana Hansen] (f)
Sound Editor | Mixer
- Bambi 2.0 [Annielyn Felux] (a)
Sound Designer | Mixer
- Next Stop [dir. Ziyi Zheng] (f)
Sound Design | Sound Editor
- Meet Zee [prod. Briana Hansen] (f)
Sound Editor | Mixer
- Tekken X Streetfigher: Challenger [dir. Michael Liu] (f)
Sound Designer | Sound Editor
- Think [dir. Camroy Peter] (f)
Sound Editor | Mixer
- RED DIRT [dir. Arnold Chun] (f)
Sound Design | Sound Editor | Mixer
- Honour Man [dir. Camroy Peter] (f)
Sound Editor | Mixer
- Two Wheelin' America (TV Pilot) [Hollow 4D Studios] (t)
Sound Designer | Sound Editor
- Cell [dir. Camroy Peter] (f)
Sound Editor | Mixer
- Monika [dir. by Ivan Chiou] (f)
Sound Designer | Sound Editor

Video Games

- Americana Dawn [dev. Bit Bonton]
Sound Designer
- Black Gold (黑金) [dev. Butterfly Digital Entertainment]
Dialogue Editor
- Ludoqueue [dev. Jeff Chamberlain]
Sound Designer

Films: (f), Animations: (a), Tv: (t)


I'm always down for meeting new people and taking new projects. I look forward to hearing from you.

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